Pietro Micca was an hero between history and legend.  The place of his sacrifice had wrongly been identified with a staircase joining the two main tunnels, the upper one and the lower one.
Only in 1958, colonel Amoretti realized that that staircase could not be the one they were looking for.
After carefully examining the area, the true staircase was found out and cleaned of rubble. The event of the nigth of 29th August 1706 had finally entered history. 

The Museum
It was built in 1961 and opened in the occasion of the celebrations for Italy  Unification.
It stands on the place where, during the French siege, a battery had been set. The building is directly joined to the underground network of tunnels and allows visitors to see the most interesting ones.

A hole shows a room covered with rubble

250 years later the staircase is open once again

They realized there should be something behind the wall