It is a “counterscarp casemate”, that is a fortress situated outside the moat which allowed to attack in the rear the enemies that had broken into the moat. It was placed in front of the bastion of Saint Lazzaro, one of the three bastions overlooking the countryside

Within the Association Friends of the Pietro Micca Museum, the members of this group devote themselves to the exploration and restauration of Turin’s ancient fortresses.
The fort named “Pastiss” has been for years the main object of their work.

Group of search and archaelogical survey

The memory of the fort, the description of which can be found in a few historical documents, was completely lost until its rediscovery in 1968 by Colonel Amoretti. The excavation works still in progress have been carried out overcoming  great difficulties mainly due to the presence of the foundations of new buildings.
More than a thousand cubic metres of earth have been taken away so far, but work goes on with the aim of opening the whole structure to the visitors of Pietro Micca Museum.