During the night of 29th August, a few French grenadiers lower themselves down the moat in front of the “soccorso” rivelin. They succed in entering the tunnels but then they are stopped by Pietro Micca’s heroic action. At once the episode became legendary symbolizing people’s resolution and spirit of sacrifice in those dramatic days. Nowadays we know beyond doubt that the episode is part of Turin’s 18th century history, which we can bring back to life again visiting these places and getting emotionally involved in the dramatic events of 3 centuries ago.

When the mine explodes, Pietro Micca is still in the low “capitale” tunnel not far enough to avoid the effects of the explosion. He is flung forward and his corpse is found “forty steps” far from the staircase

Behind the door Pietro Micca realizes that the door is about to be forced open: he sends back his fellow soldier and applies to the mine a very short fuse. After that he runs down the stairs as fast as he can.

Here an armoured door prevents the access to the staircase leading to the low “capitale” tunnel. Behind the door a mine has been placed  with two miners on guard: Pietro Micca is one of them. The French soldiers  try to force the door open

The door in the moat from which the high “capitale” tunnel is beginning; the French grenadiers come into the tunnel overwhelming the guard..

The door is pulled down while the mine explodes killing a French soldier that has just got in. The vault collapses obstructing the staircase.
The picture shows the point of the explosion.

Recent excavations have brought to light not only the staircase but also a few objects as Pietro Micca’s grenades, the hilt of a sword etc. which witness even today the heroic actions of courageous men of the past

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